Friday, 22 February 2013

CCNA Full in PPT


I have searched the internet for days for a good reference manual for CCNA.As usual what i got was boring user guides which we have to spend a lot of time to read and understand..Finally i found a PowerPoint presentation for CCNA  which covers all topics of CCNA exam with important points and commands.

I found it very useful for refreshing my CCNA topics and to refer a particular topic .We can use this as a study guide also as a powerful tool along with your other books.It is a good reference for the guys who have only a very little time to prepare for their exams.

This is a PPT from Sybex ,which covers the following topics.

Click on below link to download the PPT of all CCNA topics 

         Download link

  1. Internetworking
  2. Introduction to TCP/IP
  3. Subnetting and VLSM
  4. Cisco IOS and SDM
  5. Managing a Cisco Network
  6. IP Routing
  7. EIGRP and OSPF
  8. Layer 2 Switching
  9. VLAN's
  10. Security
  11. NAT
  12. Wireless Networks
  13. IPV6
  14. WAN